TMMD 100th Purwakarta Leave a Million Memories

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The 100th Manpower of TNI Manunggal Building (TMMD) Program in 2017, in two sub-districts of Purwakarta district has ended. All TNI soldiers have returned to their unity or headquarters respectively, but there are a million impressions and happy memories left behind and it will be remembered always by Margaluyu residents.

The presence of TNI soldiers during the past month is very meaningful and beneficial to the citizens. Many have done physical work such as road construction, home surgery, environmental arrangement successfully completed and this is realized thanks to mutual cooperation between TNI soldiers and people who tirelessly work hard together day and night.

Another program that also impresses residents in TMMD this time is non-physical activities where TNI soldiers during the TMMD program stay at home residents. This allows TNI soldiers to actively intermingle in community activities such as recitals at the mosque, helping residents who hold recitals, night watches, even come with people chatting in the coffee shop.

As expressed by Nurdin, villagers Margaluyu. "I am very happy with the arrival of the fathers of TNI soldiers, I was crying because I never dreamed to stay in the house with the army.I do not feel burdened and hassles, just I feel proud of my house was chosen to live in TNI soldiers," said Nurdin. R-5)

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