This is proof of how people love TNI

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After held TMMD-100 by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta, at the end of the day felt was was and hesitated. The feeling of this citizen is caused to be soon separated from the Task Force TMMD 100 members.

"Although we only briefly together, but many benefits and services are exemplified by the fathers of the TNI," so the expression Wirda, villagers Margaluyu. He also mentioned that there had been a tremendous change in his village, for example, which was not known to the people of his culture and the results of his earth, now turning 180 degrees.

Purwakarta people, he added, began to know and know that the food Culinary Sate Maranggi Kp.Pareang or in knowing the Citizens Purwakarta with satay Pareang.

"Therefore, it is natural that if there are people who feel hard to let go or part with the TNI fathers, our relationship is like our own family," he explained, today. (R-08)

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