This is the Message of Moral Film "Heaven is crying too"

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Which mother will not cry and be sad if her daughter often commit acts that violate religion.

This sadness is felt Umi Pipik, wife of the late ustadz Jeffry Al Bukhori. Her daughter is known to often consume alcohol and undergo a promiscuity with her lover.

Umi Pipik continues to give advice to her daughter, but always denied. This is what makes Umi Pipik always cry.

But this event, not a real story that experienced Umi pipik and his daughter. This is part of the story scenario of the drama movie starring.

The story of Umi Pipik is the only thing that happens in a drama film titled 'Heaven is crying too'.

In this movie, she becomes a mother who has two daughters.

Two children in the film are Cinta (Yuniza Icha) who has a rebellious character and hates his mother very much. While Princess (Rara Nawangsih) is the sister of Love which has a different character 180 degrees.

The film also stars Ruben Onsu and Kiki Farrel and directed by Hasto Broto.

Starring in the movie that began airing on October 26, 2017, Umi Pipik admitted many lessons that can be taken. This film depicts a mother who fought for her daughters.

Umi Pipik admitted willing to play in this movie, because many moral messages and positive things in it that can be the inspiration of the parents in taking care of their children.

When touched on whether the movie "Surga Pun Ikut Menangis" will be sold in the market, Umi Pipik replied: "The film is watched or not baseball because of the greatness of the player or whoever the players, who the author and the amount of money producer or director, but due to intervene hand of God. The God Who Leads, "

When shooting this film, Umi Pipik not yet veiled. He was veiled in April 2017 and as a professional, Umi Pipik will not demand the producer not to show the movie.

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