This is the Mandate of Agus Kriswanto at the 100th TMMD Closure

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Command of Education and Training, Lt. Gen. Agus Kriswanto yesterday led the closing ceremony of the 100th Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) program.

Field Campaka Isna Village Margaluyu, District Kiarapedes, Purwakarta District ceremony conducted closing ceremony TMMD 100 is attended by Kodam Officials, and Government of Purwakarta Regency and all elements of Society.

In the message read DanKodiklat, entrust the message to the community in order to continue to keep together with the TNI.

"To the soldiers and all components of society, I order to continue to maintain the spirit of togetherness and the unity of the TNI-People, do not easily instigated and provoked by any party who wants to break the unity and unity," he said.

Meanwhile, in the closing activities of TMMD to 100 Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta was enlivened by several attractions including Umbrella which involved Kopassus members, martial arts collaboration consisting of TNI members and community representatives, and Reog Ponorogo Art Performance. (R-03)

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