The TMMD road is no longer slippery

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The TMMD Ke 100 program implemented by Kodim 0619 Purwakarta which opened the connecting road for two Sub-districts across three Villages will be completed and targeted by the end of October 2017 will be completed.

This eastern ring road passes over rice fields and community plantation land. It is very fortunate for the farmers to be able to use the road of good quality. Another advantage that people get is to get to the farmland can be easier and faster.

Now even though not one hundred percent of the foundry is settled, many residents have used the road, especially farmers who depart and return to their land. Weather conditions after rain can also be passed because it is not slippery

In the future, when the road is permanent and completed it is certainly easier for residents to perform activities, of course, the achievement of the TMMD program to the 100 will be felt by the people of Purwakarta in general. (R-05)

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