The Relationship is Continuously Built With TMMD Task Force

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"Minum  heula pa, meh teu haus….(Drink first pa, let not thirsty)," said Ipong against TMMD 100 Task Force members held in the Village Margaluyu.

It appears that the drinking offer illustrates that at the location of TMMD Regular 100th Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta namely in the Village District Margaluyu Kiarapedes, togetherness TNI with village equipment and citizens continue to be established.

They are always combined in the physical work of TMMD Regular

"Togetherness between the TNI and the citizens is done in various occasions, not even when working alone, but during the work break the atmosphere of togetherness is still awake," said Danramil. (R-5)

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