The 100th TMMD Road can be an alternate route

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The East Cross Path built by the Regional Government in cooperation with the Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta through the TMMD Program can now be used for public transport routes.

According to H. Hikmat Kapolsek Cibatu who met at the TMMD site said, "East cross paths that have been built by the government of Purwakarta Region in cooperation with the Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta through TMMD 100 for us is very helpful because the eastern path that we can use for alternative path at the time of Lebaran homecoming, Christmas and Long holiday, "

Not only that, if the Cipali Toll is solid at the time of homecoming and long holiday and happening congestion in Subang, South Cross lanes can we use for vehicles that will go to Sumedang and Bandung.

"We will also increase Patrol's schedule on the cross path, this is done to reduce the action of Curas, curanmor and for the convenience and security of users who cross the road," said H. Hikmat. (R-5)

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