Task Force members see babies born in TMMD locations

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Kampung Campakaisna, Village Margaluyu since a few days become crowded. Especially, since heard the news of the citizens who gave birth has been assisted by the task force team TMMD.

Activities at night, during break time was used by members of the taskforce TMMD to silahturahmi to the home of the mother who had just given birth. As is usually the tradition and culture of the community, visiting the birth by congratulating the family of Ibu Cucu also occurred in this village.

Members of the TMMD Task Force from Yon Zipur led by Lieutenant Zni Rudi often visited the resident's house near the shelter house of TMMD Members, especially the new mother of Cucu's house.

"This kind of gathering should not be dashed by the times, because the tradition of visiting each other is part of the nation's culture," explained Rudi who tonight visited and visited the family of Ibu Cucu, the newborn woman. (R-05)

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