Students Want to Be Involved in the TMMD Program

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The 100th TMMD conducted by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta has been running at the end of Time. However, his work and his work can already be felt by the local community. For example, residents are now able to bring crops or gardening results using motorcycle vehicles.

Students Zien Mutaqin Purwakarta assess how important the road built in this TMMD program. In addition to opening access roads and open isolated areas, it gives new hope for the community in the countryside.

Looking at the facts, the Student Representative named Irfan Nurhakim appealed to the DISPENAD Team in an Interview at Kotis TMMD to be involved in Physical activities.

"Sir, if there is a TMMD program, please help us as students involved in making roads We want to work to let people remember our sweat," said Irfan to Dispenad Team led by Lieutenant Colonel Inf.Ismail yesterday (R-07)

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