Soil conditions at TMMD unstable location

TOGOG.Online |
Day 22 TMMD 100 road casting implementation is somewhat hampered, this is due to weather changes plus land conditions at TMMD 100 locations including the Red Zone or labile.

Jono driver Zebe concrete said, "It's been lately in the TMMD 100 location area during the day and afternoon that it often rains, causing logistics delivery to be slightly constrained, due to the fact that the car that sent the concrete set on the road,"

Nevertheless, Jono said, not an obstacle that can not be overcome. When the car goes down a lot of people and members of the TNI are helpful, a sense of togetherness and mutual cooperation in the location TMMD 100 is felt.

"I suggest to TMMD 100 and Task Force to anticipate such road must be in by limestone or stones. Better prepared small fleet of car for concrete when there is a concrete fleet that can not be in motion again," he said. (R-06)

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