Sales Canvaser Begin visit to Cibatu and Kiara Pedes

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TMMD 100th anniversary of Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta has been completed and it turned out to have an impact on the people, and certainly will be able to encourage the economy of Wanawali Village, Cibatu District and Margaluyu Village, Kiara Pedes Subdistrict, which is believed not only to have a positive impact to the target villages of TMMD , but to other village neighbors will also feel it.

The most obvious example is that some home industry owners in the local village feel there is an increase in turnover, because the means to be transported are good. Thanks to the concern of the government in cooperation with the TNI, because the newly built road is very feasible in use for the activities of citizens.

Suplayer or sales-sales canvasers have started to arrive to offer products to the stalls and this is a system that makes it easy for people who have a kiosk or stall no longer difficult to go far shopping in order to complete his wares. (R-5)

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