Residents like to see the attraction of Kopassus members

Togog.Online | Around 8 paratroopers from KOPASSUS TNI AD yesterday acted at the closure of the 100th TMMD at Campaka Isna football field in the village of Margaluyu, Kiarapedes Subdistrict, Purwakarta District (26/10/2017).

The closing ceremony was directly led by the Commander of the Education and Training Command, Lt. Gen. Agus Kriswanto.

The presence of attraction parachute with Helicopter MI 17 H5158 was also appreciated by the community. Many people are watching. They clapped their hands as the parachutist landed smoothly in the middle of the field carrying the Kartika Eka Paksi banner.

One Tatang resident said that he was very happy to see the ability of the jumpers.

"I am very happy to mix with pride in their ability. Their ability in parachuting is one of our military forces in mastering the difficult and impassable zones, "he commented, as he witnessed the attraction.

Tatang said he was proud to see the ability of the 8 jumpers.

"Antraksi the eight jumpers was very entertaining, usually we watch on tv, but because there is TMMD event we can watch the action directly skydive," he added. (R-03)

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