Purwakarta Regent Revealed the 100th TMMD Program to Dispenad

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Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi explained the 100th TMMD program to the team and entourage from the Army Information Service who visited the Purwakarta Regional Government today.

In his statement, Kang Dedi mentioned thoroughly related to the activities of TMMD 100. According to him, the activity done by assisted by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta with TMMD 100 target is to open the isolated and difficult village access from the vehicle range.

"TMMD 100 this year is budgeted high enough, this is done so that the development of TMMD 100 achieve maximum results and can be felt by the community and can produce good quality roads, so it can last long.That we use the road system of concrete," he said.

In the visit silahturahmi, Kang Dedi also convey the hope and beg to Dispenad for TMMD activities next year can be assisted to procure heavy equipment from Bataliyon Zeni in multiply the amount.

According to Dedi, with the addition of heavy equipment can help maximize TMMD activity. "Indeed, until now related to the supporting natural materials such as many stones in Purwakarta, so for TMMD 100 Program is not lack of stone materials," said Regent Dedi Mulyadi to Dispenad. (R-07)

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