Pepen Happy, Her Child Born Assisted by TMMD Task Force

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Amidst the busyness of TMMD's 100th implementation in Desa Margaluyu, Kecamatan Kiara Pedes and Wanawali Village, last night the village atmosphere became more crowded. The reason, at night had been born a girl at Bayu Asih Hospital.

The tiny baby was born from the womb of a mother named Cucu, exactly one resident Rt / Rw 10/05 Kampung Cempakaisna, Village Margaluyu, District Kiara Pedes.

The atmosphere becomes crowded, because at the time of giving birth, Ibu Cucu is assisted by TMMD Task Force members. While her husband, Pepen was on duty in Jakarta. Grateful, the people with the help of Satgas TMMD immediately took him to Bayu Asih Hospital.

Akang Pepen feels indebted to the members of the TMMD 100 Task Force who helped his wife in childbirth.

"Thank you very much to the father of the TNI who has helped, so that my son was born safely.It is not my home because of work in Jakarta, once again thank you very much, may the good father father of TNI in reply by the Almighty," said Pepen, husband Grandchild with great joy, today. (R-07)

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