Paskibra child SDN 2 Nagrikaler welcomes Army General at the zero point of TMMD 100

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A special pride for the children of SDN 2 Nagrikaler Purwakarta District, Purwakarta Regency because given the opportunity to display his skills in line lined up with uniforms that are distinctive and striking make the more handsome and cool, as the achievements he often achieved in every race, with his handsome at the time Dankodiklat TNI AD crossed in front of the cord on the honor of this three-star General.

On that occasion also Kodiklat TNI-AD Lieutenant General Agus Kriswanto invited Paskibra children to take pictures together so that children immediately enthusiastic to take pictures with Dankodiklat TNI AD Lt. Gen. Agus Kriswanto and Danrem 063 / SGJ Colonel Inf Veri Sudijanto.

"I am very happy and happy can not be forgotten can a photo with the father of General," said one member of the Paskibra (R-09)

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