Pasiter Kodim 0619 Purwakarta Hoping TMMD Road Can Survive Long

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The road construction as far as 7.2 kilometers built through TMMD, has a maximum quality. So the access road that connects the District Kiarapedes it can live longer or can last longer.

"The Kodim district does not want the damaged road to be damaged, which affects the mobility of the residents because the road will support the activities and economic activities of the people," said Captain Arm Amarudin today.

Surely it has become a desire of mutual commitment, both for village government, citizens and responsible for TMMD that construction should be maximized.

"So, as the village apparatus, I will help optimally during the construction process," said Edin added.

Pasi Ter mentioned that some other facilities such as drainage and culvert should be paid more attention. The making must be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the road. The better the supporting facilities are made, then the road access guarantee that long-lived will actually be realized.

"Currently, physical activity other than road infrastructure, TMMD-100 also improve the rutilahu live painting," he concluded. (R-08)

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