MUI: Two Districts in West Java vulnerable radicalism

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The rise of the issue of apostasy and radicalism in some areas of West Java, made the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) West Java with the Provincial Government and the security apparatus to take immediate action. One way to put some scholars in areas that are considered vulnerable.

"MUI is currently focusing on studying the heresy, apostasy and radical ideology in West Java region, not as bad as imagined, but it certainly exists," said Chairman of West Java MUI, Rachmat Syafei in his office, Jalan Riau, Bandung, Friday (20/10/2017).

He mentioned that two areas such as Kabupaten Bandung and Cianjur are two very vulnerable areas. These two areas are often used as a place to spread the heresy or radicalism and apostasy action.

"These two areas are the most vulnerable, especially in the interior areas," he said.

By placing some scholars in these two areas, it is judged to be helpful in enlightening the community. Including coordinating with the security if there is proven legal action by certain parties.

"We continue to coordinate with the government and security in order to maintain conduciveness in the community, which is the point of putting ulamas to enlighten the people who are the target of the spread of misunderstandings and heretics, and the victims of apostasy," said Rachmat Syafei, as released by Galamedia, today (*)

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