Material Agegrad A in TMMD Appropriate BPMJ Jabar

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The mechanism of making concrete roads in TMMD 100 has met the qualifications, both from the quality of concrete as well as materials as a base layer of concrete such as Agegrad A.

Dandim 0619 / Purwakarta Ari Maulana said, "related to the concrete and natural materials used in TMMD 100 location, we give priority to the best quality, like concrete we use K 300 and for supporting material like Agegrad A, we use exu Kuari Gunung BCA, use because exe Matrial Gunung BCA one of the matrial that has passed the test in the Materials Research Agency Road West Java Province, "he said, today.

With good quality concrete, Ari added, let alone supported by natural materials that have passed the test at BPMJ, we hope this road can survive over 10 years (R-07)

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