KPBI recommend Jokowi not need to forward Capres 2019

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During his three-year reign, President Jokowi was judged to have failed to realize the promise of three feasible for the workers. In fact, the government itself often issued a policy that harms the workers.

Therefore, the Confederation of Indonesian Labor Union (KPBI) asked Jokowi no longer run in the 2019 presidential election.

Chairman of KPBI, ​​Ilhamsyah said, his party considers Jokowi no longer eligible to be a presidential candidate in 2019. The reason, Jokowi never issue a policy toward three worthy, namely decent living, decent wages, and decent work for Indonesian workers.

"The workers will not choose Jokowi back in the 2019 election. Because, Jokowi often issued policies that harm workers, ranging from PP Payup, national apprenticeship, to a very pro attitude on investors," he said.

Ilham explained that the Wage PP had wasted the wage negotiation room and made the minimum wage adjustment rate only around 8 percent per year. Meanwhile, the national apprentices result in layoffs on permanent employees as employers choose to use apprentices that can be paid under the minimum wage.

A very pro-government attitude to investors is increasingly angering the workers. Labor continues to be sacrificed to bring in a lot of investment.

"There is no visible of the 16 packages of Jokowi's economic policies that benefit laborers, and even subsidies, such as fuel and electricity, are repealed," he complained.

Nevertheless, KPBI continues to insist that the government immediately submit to the Manpower Act and abolish outsourcing practices that have been rampant.

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