Kopka Izar: Silaturahmi will not be broken only limited to TMMD program

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During one full month of TMMD program to 100 which was held Kodim 0619 Purwakarta, stay a few more days will end in this October.

Foster parents whose house is used as a shelter home of the TMMD task force will certainly feel lost. How not to feel the loss, the task force that every day is always together when the break time is done in the field work is very familiar, even like you own.

It was revealed by one foster parent, "The TNI members who joined the task force will soon finish the work, the house will be quiet again because they are like their own children," said Abah Asep, told.

The same thing also expressed Kopka Izar, he even claimed to feel like he was home.

"Kampung here is like a house of its own, but the relationship will certainly not be broken only TMMD program," he said, today. (R-07)

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