Kopasus Participates in the 100th TMMD Closure Event

Togog.Online |
Kopasus is Indonesia's elite troops in TMMD 100 Closing event in Margaluyu Village, Kiarapedes Sub-district, Purwakarta Regency today participated by showing Privol plunge attraction.

Captain Inf Taupik Rohman said the presence of the Special Forces Command at the TMMD 100 Closing event is a request from Mabesad where we are assigned to undertake a Privol jump with an altitude of 10,000 Agl or about 3,000 M from the Land's surface.

Members who will run Privol as many as 9 people, 4 people from Makopasus Jakarta and 5 people from Pusdik Kopasus, in the jump we are assigned to bring the Flag of Merah Putih and TNI-AD.

"This task in my opinion is very noble in addition to running the command of our leaders can also entertain and interact with the rural community," he said. (R-09)

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