House Komi has been repaired by TMMD Task Force

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One of the old widows who get attention from the 100th TMMD program is Ibu Komi (64), a resident of RT 03, RW 01 Wanawali Village, Cibatu District.

The old dwelling house that has been ravaged and leaked there when the rain gets help from the TMMD program, Ibu Komi's house has become one of the targets of the Unfit Homes (Rutilahu) that are repaired to become habitable.

According to Dandim 0619 Lieutenant Colonel. Inf. Ari Maulana, Rutilahu target that is houses that are not worth occupying and then changed into a house worth occupying.

"Ibu Komi's house is one of the houses that we prioritize to build, so that Komi's mother can smile in the future," Lieutenant Colonel Ari said.

Ibu Komi's house is one of dozens of other homes that are targeted by rutilahu in the TMMD program, so that in addition to the main program to build a connecting road two sub-districts there are other programs such as home surgery.

"Hopefully Komi's mother can enjoy a decent house when entering the elderly, we also thank the local people who have been together working together with the TNI in building Ibu Komi's house," added Ari. (R-05)

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