Happy Smiles of Villagers Mark the 100th Success of TMMD

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The border of kecamatan cibatu and kiarapedes used to be seen as the access forest connecting the two sub-districts is very difficult to pass both the two-wheeled vehicles and the four wheels, but nowadays it is very changing as what people expect from the past to have good road access to be passed from Kiarapedes sub-district to sub-district of Cibatu or vice versa.

The faces of the people on the border between Cibatu and Kiarapedes sub-districts are changing, the happiness smile with good road access can be seen from the glow of his smile that marks the feeling of being happy with the building of a good road resulting from the implementation of the 100th TMMD program.

With the results of road construction carried out Kodim 0619 Purwakarta through TMMD 100, the community can already use for any purposes. Hopefully the future of society here can be more advanced again and economic activities more smoothly. (R-08)

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