Farmer Group Will Perform in the 100th TMMD Closure

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On Thursday morning, Captain Arm Lukman Hakim and Parjan from Agricultural Extension Team with farmers groups in Bungursari sub-district were observing and making organic fertilizer.

The making of this organic fertilizer will be presented by the Babinsa and the farmers groups at the closing of the 100th TMMD later that will be titled in Campakaisna ball field, Kiarapedes Sub-district.

This organic fertilizer herb is divided into three parts of course with different targets as well. There are Roman fertilizers or organic herbs for pests, there are Reter or organic ingredients for livestock and another Rotan or Organic herb for plants.

Captain Arm Lukman Hakim said, "later this observation result will be shown at the closing of TMMD Ke 100, let seen and practiced by farmers in Kecamatan Kiarapedes," he said.

Babinsa who followed the observation about this organic fertilizer has received many extension counseling from the Department of Agriculture Purwakarta District even to the level of the Province. The future will be applied in each village built Babinsa throughout Purwakarta. (R-07)

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