Fahri: The US Embassy must be responsible for the ban on the TNI Commander

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The House requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the prohibition of the TNI Commander to the United States

Vice Chairman of the House Fahri Hamzah rate that the United States's refusal of TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo is not just a technical and administrative error.

To that end, he asked the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia to conduct further investigation of the incident.

"I do not think these mistakes can be made merely technical and administrative, and we should suspect that behind the decision despite being corrected there is a greater purpose," said Fahri Hamzah, Monday (23/10).

It also reminded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia is not satisfied with the apology of the Embassy of the United States. According to him, the US Embassy should also be responsible for this incident.

"The Indonesian nation is a big and sovereign nation should not take unlawful treatment to the officials of indoensia. That attitude must be known that we are not easy to accept, "said Fahri Hamzah.

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