Economic passion Cibatu Sub-district began life

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Wanawali villagers, Cibatu sub-district, Purwakarta regency should be grateful for the completion of the 100th TMMD program.

Because the impact of opening access roads in two districts is now felt directly by the community. Job activities that have been less passionate in everyday life, such as getting a high spirit to rise earn fortune.

"Before the road was opened, many people were lazy to do their activities, but now, these two days the activities of the people are starting to rise, I am happy because the economic passion is also starting to wiggle," said Asep, Wanawali Village employees responded to the 100th TMMD program conducted by Kodim Purwakarta.

Asep judge, Citizens deeply feel the form of devoted care TNI and Government in terms of this infrastructure. Apparently, he said, this has triggered the work ethic of the community in the village that the majority is still new to the existence of the concrete road facility. (R-08)

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