DPRD Purwakarta Appreciation of TNI Performance Complete the 100th TMMD Program

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Chairman of the Parliament Purwakarta Sarip hidayat, appreciate the performance of members of the TNI on the timeliness of concrete work through the program TMMD 100 to connect 2 districts east of Purwakarta.

The construction of the eastern ring road in Purwakarta is not light work, because it must build a road along the 7.2 Kilometers with high-quality concrete.

"I am the representative of the people to thank TNI members for their dedication and contribution in building development in Purwakarta through TMMD program, I especially thank Dandim 0619 Lieutenant Colonel Ari Maulana who has struggled for the success of the development," said Sarip Hidayat when contacted via seluller.

Separately, Dandim 0619 Lieutenant Colonel. Ari Maulana also expressed his respect to the chairman of the Parliament of Purwakarta, which has given thought and power so that the running of road development through TMMD program succeeded. All can not be separated from the struggle of the people's representatives who have passed the budget for the TMMD program.

"I also thank Lieutenant Colonel Czi Luqman Nurhakim as Danyonzipur 3 West Java, who has participated in reducing its members to participate in the TMMD program in Purwakarta," said Dandim 0619 Lieutenant Colonel. Inf. Ari Maulana. (R-09)

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