Dispora Give Drug Extension at TMMD Locations

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Dispora Purwakarta District held a counseling and this is a series of 100th TMMD program, with resource persons of Zien Mutakin purwakarta students. The event was held at the TMMD location, taking the theme of youth as the backbone of NKRI, and as a nation of love and devotion to the nation.

On the occasion also explained about the dangers of drug abuse, in addition to counseling youth by the student is led by Irfan Firdaus semester 7.

While the purpose of anti-drug counseling for youth is one of them, is expected to increase knowledge and awareness of teenagers about the dangers of drugs in order not to follow or fall in the wrong association, especially for young people.

With this activity is expected to increase awareness and cooperation of all elements of youth in preventing and overcoming the dangers of drugs. (R-07)

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