Dispenad Proud, Citizens Feel the Benefits of TMMD Program

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When visiting a TMMD location, Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Ismail feels proud, especially after direct interviews with the people in the TMMD locations such as Heads of Villages, Heads of Villages, workers and farmers, they all feel helped by the 100th TMMD, both in transport and in the economy.

During the visit, Dispenad conducted an interview with the community to find out the responses of the people to the TMMD program, especially for those who were not far from the location of the 100th TMMD conducted by the 0619 / Purwakarta Kodim.

During his visit, Dispenad was welcomed by the community layers around the TMMD site, whether ordinary people or village officials and Wanawali sub-districts.

The majority of the residents interviewed about the implementation of TMMD are loudly and passionately expressed that they are so excited about the 100th TMMD program.

According to them with the existence of this TMMD, the desire and hope to have a decent road access will soon be realized and will soon be enjoyed by the community, especially for those who live on the border of two districts including cibatu and kiarapedes districts.

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