Cut Tumpeng mark Success TMMD 100 Purwakarta

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Ki Minan, by the people of Margaluyu Village is called as the village elder of Margaluyu who leads the event of salvation according to local culture.

"Ki Minan is indeed the elder of our village, where he is regarded by the community as a traditional figure.In the 100th TMMD closing ceremony, Ki Minan was asked to lead the event, as well as asking God for the closing ceremony of the 100th TMMD Ceremony well and smoothly there is no obstacle anything.

Therefore, in the 100th TMMD congregation, the residents make rice yellow tumpeng like Mount which means symbolizing the strength of nature and hope that the road created by the Regional Government and Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta can last long.

Yellow color which means welfare, with two connecting roads made Subdistricts can change the isolated village so that the life of the local community increases, prosperous both in terms of agriculture, trade and commerce, "said Village Chief Margaluyu, Tatang on this day. (R-05)

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