Camat Kiarapedes Talk About TMMD 100

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Camat Kiarapedes Asep Senjaya, as the owner of the location of TMMD to 100 never ceasing to say thanksgiving because the road that was soil mixed with rocks has now become a path with very good quality.

So when the road is already inaugurated, people directly use the road as a means of transportation for various activities. As for agricultural transportation (transporting agricultural produce) for economic means (transportation for shopping to markets) or for employees to be closer.

"I am the Head of Sub-district and also representing all the people of Kiarapedes to thank many members of the TNI who have participated in building in our region, especially I thank Dandim 0619 father Lieutenant Colonel Ari Maulana," said Asep, when asked for his response related TMMD that has been completed.

Meanwhile Dandim 0619 Lieutenant Colonel. Inf Ari Maulana also convey his gratitude to Camat Kiarapedes, who always mobilize his community to work together with members of the TNI in the location of TMMD to 100

"I also thank Danyonkav 4, Lieutenant Colonel Kav Luluk Setyanto who has participated in lowering members to work with TNI members and the community to build roads in the 100th TMMD program," said Ari, expressing his gratitude. (R-09)

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