Building Spirit and Confidence through the TMMD Program

Togog.Online | TNI Manunggal built Desa TMMD to 100 Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta, not only to build physical facilities for the village community, but also to build the spirit and confidence of the people.

The goal is to be able to manage the potential possessed and preparedness to face every threat and challenge that is and will be faced. TMMD activities are conducted with the aim that the people are more prosperous and independent.

In addition, so that people have the power of deterrence and preventing power against various things that become a threat to the integrity of the nation.

In TMMD 2017, some physical activities are the construction of road along 7.2, with width of 50 meters, construction of talud, and rehabilitation of 5 units of Rutilahu runs perfectly.

While non-physical activities include counseling of state defendants, population education and civil registration, legal awareness counseling, drug counseling, health counseling and village apparatus coaching. (R-03)

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