Benefits of Territorial Activities TMMD 100 Kodim 0619 Purwakarta

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TMMD 100 is still used as a form of healthy communication in building the unity of the TNI with the people. Already various forms of projects that have been done by the TNI, even the joyful, thanks and request from the citizens for the area to be targeted TMMD 100 projects continue to grow each time.

Although this can not be used as a full indicator of the success of TNI's territorial activity, in fact it has given the picture, TMMD 100 does not create a harmful interception for the people and TNI that some people antipati with TNI, certain.

From some field facts can be captured, in fact has given the picture of TMMD 100 until now still provide the value of benefits, good intentions from the beginning is certainly for the TNI can be a positive container to build a positive image and also the TNI's commitment as a form of implementing the Eight mandatory TNI.

On the side of the people or citizens, the most visible is to lift the downpours of citizens to immediately rise and advance, because the problem of the lack of facilities and infrastructure sometimes becomes the cause of progress to be slow, but with the TMMD 100 is more concentrated on workmanship that touches the interests of citizens, such as the road with slow progress can be felt, the easier the transportation, the access more open. (R-08)

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