Babinsa will deliver the Innovation of Organic Fertilizer

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Babinsa has an important role in fostering the community in the village with Babinkatimas, the village head in fostering the community. One that is by providing solutions how to improve agriculture, by plunging directly as a companion to farmer groups.

In this case babinsa play an active role in finding solutions how to improve agricultural output. Here Babinsa will introduce an innovation from organic fertilizer ingredients, thanks to the creativity of Babinsa serda Warman and Serda Edi Sudrajat both from Koramil 1904 / Cempaka kodim 0619 / Purwakarta explain to the farmers.

Innovation of this organic fertilizer herb is accompaniment of the agricultural extension agents Purwakarta so that both Babinsa will later introduce the results of organic fertilizer mixture for plants and livestock with its name
1.Roma (organic ingredients for pests)
2. Reter (Organic herb for livestock)
3. Rattan (organic ingredients for plants).

How to manufacture organic herb that will be on showcase later on the closure of the 100th TMMD in the village Cempakaisna, Village Margaluyu, District Kiarapedes in the presence of farmers groups in the region Purwakarta District. (R-07)

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