AKRINDO and FPII will escort the legal process of violence against journalists

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Chairman of the Indonesian National Dialogue (Forum of the Independent Indonesia) Mustofa Hadi Karya criticized the violence and thuggery that happened to a journalist in Banten recently.

"FPII urges the legal process to be enforced to provide a deterrent effect against the perpetrators of the violence," he said, today.

In response to the humiliation and harassment of journalists by the police chief of Waykanan Lampung, Polres Malang police officers are now repeating itself in the jurisdiction of Banten province, giving clear evidence of lack of awareness and understanding, let alone protection of the journalist profession, Opan said.

"For that, the legal process must be upheld," he said.

Mostopha Hadi Karya deeply regretted the actions of such policemen again. That journalist is a profession of ethical products which is a public and humanist control with anyone and from any circle.

"Journalists as ethical products should have legal protection, not the other way around," he said.

Therefore, FPII strongly condemns the actions of these police officers who deliberately treat the journalist profession torn to shreds.

The same thing was also conveyed by AKRINDO Chairman Drs. Maripin Munthe addressed the case.

"Therefore, DPP AKRINDO firmly will continue to guard related cases of violence against Journalists to Complete," he said, today at the Office of DPP AKRINDO, West Jakarta.

DPP AKRINDO, Munthe added, will always guard and protect all journalists in Indonesia in doing his journalistic tasks, and convey the aspirations of the people to be in the know by the leaders of this country.

Maripin Munthe insists will continue to remind the Police of the oath or promise as stipulated in Article 22 of the Act. (HD/R-01)

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