Agus Kriswanto: The TNI Must Be United With the People

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In the closing ceremony of TMMD 100 in Cempaka isna field, Margaluyu Village was enlivened by Martial Arts of the Armed 9 Battalion Unit and the community of the faithful lotus silat college.

Program TMMD Ke 100 Kodim 0619 Purwakarta yesterday officially closed by Dankodiklat TNI AD, Lieutenant General Agus Kriswanto.

Dankodiklat TNI AD, Lieutenant General Agus Kriswanto, admitted that he was very satisfied with the physical development has been one hundred percent and the strength according to the spec of the road.

"I am satisfied with the results of road construction carried out Kodim 0619 through TMMD," he said on the sidelines after the review of road construction TMMD.

He said, people certainly hope that the road that has been held with the form of concrete that can be used and the future of society here can be more advanced again, so the economy more smoothly.

Agus said that we are all citizens of Indonesia based on Pancasila and UUD 45, here we remember the noble values ​​of the fighters.

"Free Indonesia is not a prize, but through struggle, therefore we appreciate the fighters, our inshaa Allah becomes a big country, but it needs to be guided because of the many threats, many disturbances, especially with the global situation, we must build, the TNI must be with the people ," he said. (R-08)

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