After TMMD, Residents Transporting Crops with Cars

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The concretization of two sub-district connecting roads across three villages will soon be completed. This eastern ring road crossed the area of ​​paddy fields and land belonging to perhutani.

Residents who crossed the TMMD program is really very lucky fate because it can use the road of good quality.

Another advantage that people get is to get to the farmland can be easier and faster. While the rainy season is also beneficial for the source of springs in the area of ​​paddy fields, can be utilized for farming by residents.

One of Pak Asep's farm land crossing the road is now beginning to plant rice.

"The road that has been good like this is profitable for me personally, want to go to the rice field so much faster," he said.

At the time of three months, this Asep pack will start preparing rice harvest by using that road.

"Inshaa Allah, at the end of the year harvest time can transport the harvest by car, so it's more practical," he concluded. (R-07)

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