After TMMD 100, the village of Margaluyu is like a beautiful girl

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After the closure of the 100th TMMD program, now Desa Margaluyu is like a beautiful girl. The proof, just a day inaugurated the use of existing investors who come to the Village Margaluyu in order to find the location of land for Housing Subsidy.

This was conveyed by the Village Chief Margaluyu Tatang to the media crew today.

"With the closure of TMMD 100 activities, the road connector infrastructure of two villages has been completed plus the closure of TMMD 100 covered by Media, this is heard by the land investors to Invest in Margaluyu Village," he said.

The most common reason, according to Tatang, because investors are no longer difficult to open new access roads that require large funds. Now the smooth road overlay is already available thanks to this TMMD.

He mentioned yesterday that one of the developers in the field of proerti came to Desa Margaluyu to find the location of land to be made Subsidized Housing, they were attracted by the location in the Village Margaluyu.

According to them, Tatang added, this area has great potential due to the connecting road of two subdistricts of Cibatu and Kiarapedes made by the Government Program and Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta through TMMD 100 Program and they are confident that subsidized housing development will grow rapidly in this area. (R-06)

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