Tri TMMD Success Will Be More Tasted

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To create the love of the citizens of the TNI soldiers, during the implementation of the 100th Regular TMMD which will be conducted by the Purwakarta Kodim, the soldiers must stay and eat at the local residents' homes.

In the context of the interests of the TNI-People's Unity, as the previous TMMD implementation, described the 0619 / Purwakarta Kodim Captain, Captain Arm Amarudin that it is the spirit of TMMD.

"This is the manifestation or the spirit of the unity of the TNI with the people, for that in TMMD in Wanawali Village, Cibatu Sub-district, then the soldiers will live in villages mingling with the people," explained Pasi Ter.

So, he added, later the soldiers will make the residents who occupied as parents themselves and even consider like their own home. It is compulsory, with the aim of the soldiers sharing feelings of togetherness, joy and sorrow as a family.

"By diving into the lives of every inhabitant in the village will be established a real family relationship," said Captain Arm Amarudin.

With togetherness and unity like that, still according to Amarudin, Tri Success TMMD, which is successful in organizing TMMD, successfully strengthen the TNI-People's Unity and successfully realize Drug-Free villages and improve the culture of mutual help in the community, will be realized. (R-04)

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