TMMD Activity Is the Spirit of NKRI

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TNI Manunggal Building the Village (TMMD) to 100 which will be implemented Kodim 0619 in Purwakarta district is one way TNI to show their devotion to the people and the nation of Indonesia.

With TMMD, TNI becomes a part of the community, helping to raise the spirit of mutual cooperation, helping to improve the welfare of the people through development in various fields both physical and non physical, which will ultimately lead to the strengthening of the unity of the TNI and the people.

This is part of the welfare of the community, especially those living in the subdistrict kiara pedes and kecamatan cibatu. The form of synergy between the TNI and the community will be formed in line with the construction of new roads connecting the two sub-districts. (R-06)

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