The Story of Andriyansyah Hidrocephalus Patients, Where Is The Conscience of Tangerang City Health Office?

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This is the story of Andriyansyah (10), son of Kuswandi couple (31) Rina Kusrina (29) of Kampung Galeong, Margasari RT 01 RW 04, Kecamatan, Karawaci, Tangerang City can now only lie limp in beds measuring 3 x 3 meters because Hydrocephalus disease (Hydrocephalus).

Ironically, almost 10 years after surgery in Tangerang District Hospital, Andriansyah can only be treated by his parents who only work as casual laborers. Even to this day, the City Government (City Government) Tangerang not also provide assistance to treat the child's illness.

Everyday Andriansyah can only lay limp in his bed. How come? Andriansyah's increasingly emaciated body is no longer able to support him to stand and sit though.

"My child has had the disease since birth, already operated in Tangerang District Hospital at 3 months old, treated there for 2 months For further operation we have no cost Yes, I do not have BPJS My ID card is not yet, just a receipt. Never take care BPJS but not so, "complained Rina Kusrina, when found in his residence, Monday (18/09/2017).

According to Rina recognition to date Tangerang municipal government has not provided assistance to treat the disease of his child. In fact, he really hopes there is a helping hand from the benefactors, especially from Tangerang City Government.

"The Village and Sub-district have never come here yet," said Andriansyah, "even though the Puskesmas already know the condition of my child," he added.

Meanwhile, Bugel Puskesmas Officer, Karawaci Sub-district when confirmed, Eva confirmed that the Puskesmas already know the condition of Ardhiansyah. In fact, he claimed to have given direction to parents Andriansyah for treatment to hospitals Tangerang City.

"I have suggested his parents to go to the hospital, but parents feel objected because they do not have the cost," he said.

Eva also confirmed that parents Andriansyah not have a BPJS card because it is hampered about the administration of demography.

"Parents are currently taking care of BPJS, but it's been a while, I'm confused with the Kelurahan and Kecamatan, what's the problem with making BPJS for so long," he concluded.

It is worth noting, when contacted via cell phone, Secretary of Tangerang City Health Office, Henny Herlina never responded. (Ade / Hadi)

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