The Purwakarta District Court Supports The 100th TMMD Program

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Already many Government Agencies and Purwakarta support the Village Army Manunggal Entrance (TMMD), now the same support comes from the Head of Purwakarta District Court against TMMD Work Program.

Linda Wati Simanihuruk SH.MH the head of Purwakarta District Court revealed that TMMD Program is part of Local Government program and teroterial unit of Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta that can support Central Government Program in Pemernan of regional development especially Pelosok area, it can improve regional economy and prosperity of Purwakarta community especially the people of Wanawali Village kec.Cibatu and Margaluyu kec.Kiarapedes.

"My hope in the implementation of the 100th TMMD can absorb all the local government budget in infrastructure development and absorb the aspirations of the people in the region so that there is no deviation of the budget set by the Regional Government," said Linda. (R-01)

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