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Starting from the abuse of Journalist Profession experienced by 2 (two) journalists from Media Print and Online who served in Sidoarjo get insults from a Civil Servant who served in the Institute of Education, Namely SMP Negeri 1 Candi, Sidoarjo. Hundreds of press people who joined in Solidaritas Jurnalis East Java, gruduk Office of Education Office Sidoarjo, Wednesday (20/09/2017) at 11:00 pm.

As previously reported, Harassment begins when both are about to confirm as Jupiter Tupoksi to one of the parents (student guardian) who is currently taking care of the Lost his child's examination.

But when in the room Head of TAU SMP Negeri 1 This temple, Mrs. Bumbungan Tamba looks not happy to see the presence of these two journalists. Even with Arogan, the head of TU immediately issued words that offended the Journalist's second Profession.

Got a Professional Abuse at this confirmation, Both Journalists directly upload the News and when it gets a response from the Principal of SMP Negeri 1 Candi.

One week later, the Principal invited the second mediation of a Journalist who was harassed and accompanied by another Journalist.

In mediation, Head of TU want to apologize in private, but do not want to apologize in Institutional related Profession Journalist. From here, then colleagues - Journalists direct action Demo Action in front of the Office of Education Sidoarjo in order to have a settlement from the relevant Office.

As for the demands of fellow journalists are:

1. Firm Sanctions from the relevant Offices Harassment made by the Head of TU SMP Negeri 1 Temple is Bumbungan Tamba.
2. Public Service Reform that has been considered still not maximal especially Sidoarjo Education Office.
3. An apology from the relevant or personal Service to all journalists by issuing written statement.
4. If deemed necessary, then there will be Reporting to the Police Department related Harassment of Journalists as well as Violations of Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press.

Action Demonstration Comrades journalists from East Java Journalists Solidarity from start to finish walking Safe, Current, and Conducive. SAVE JOURNALIS. (R-007)

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