SBY reminded the TNI, Polri, BIN belonging to the people not a particular party

Chairman of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) invites the structure, cadres and sympathizers of the Democratic Party to recall the history and reform agenda in Indonesia. Given that, May 21, 2018, Indonesia will commemorate 20 years of reform.

Concerning the political life of the reform era, Yudhoyono said that at that time the independence of TNI, Police and BIN members was often not neutral and tended to be a tool of political interest of the authorities. Meanwhile, the current TNI, Police and BIN are required to belong to the people according to the mandate of reform.

"Now, according to the mandate of reformation, the people want the nation justly, the TNI, the Police and the BIN belong to all, belong to the people of Indonesia and not be an extension of the interests of certain parties," said SBY at his residence, Cikeas, Bogor, West Java, Saturday / 9).

The issue of press freedom is also in the spotlight. SBY said, if the first freedom of the press is often limited and only a mouthpiece from the ruler. Currently, said SBY, people hope the press is more just and become a pillar of democracy.

"In the past, the freedom of the press is very controlled and even limited, the media often become the mouthpiece of the state and more voiced the interests of the rulers.Now the people want the press and the media really fair to become a pillar of democracy tough and lift the feelings and voices of the people," he said.

The 6th President of Indonesia then talked about the condition of law enforcement in the past. At the time of the New Order, the law seemed to be blunt for the ruler but pointed to the people. Therefore, people now hope law enforcement can be more just and without intervention.

"In the past, law enforcement was often sharp downward and blunted upward, and the impression was also a shrewd choice: now people want law enforcement to run fairly and not selectively and free from any party intervention," he said.

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