Road Translucent Kiarapedes-Wanawali Way eases the Officer Damkar

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The prolonged and prolonged dry season in 2017 at this time, create drought and create anxiety for the firefighters in anticipation of the incident of fire.

The fire department of Purwakarta Regency currently has its own post to deal with 3 areas of Wanayasa District, Kiarapedes Sub-District and Pondok Salam Sub-district in Situ Wanayasa precisely.

These three sub-districts are mountainous and hilly areas and access roads are still quite difficult to travel to the location, said Iman.

Faith tells, long drought a lot of fire incident of citizens land and average there are people make coals and not waiting for the owner so that the coals become propagate and extends everywhere.

"It could lead to large fires and could spread to homes, citizens and could endanger public safety," he concluded

Margaluyu area, Mekarjaya and penetrated to Wanawali which is planned to be the opening of the road of TMMD 100 program is a prone to land fires because most are still hilly and sparsely populated. So if there is a way through from the direction Kiarapedes to Wanawali Cibatu will facilitate firefighters to overcome the fire location in that area.

The density of the house of a region is one of them because there is a great access road good for the vehicle. The discourse of Kodim 0619 Purwakarta that will hold TMMD Ke 100 activities is expected to bring changes for the region in its path. (R-01)

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