Reasons Dandim 0619 Select Village Margaluyu and Wanawali Village For TMMD Program

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TMMD which will be carried out Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta is an integrated program between TNI, and Local Government as well as components of the nation in the region.

Lieutenant Colonel Inf Ari Maulana conveyed with the spirit of the unity of the TNI and our people accelerate development in the region to improve the welfare of the community in order to maintain the territorial integrity of NKRI ".

TMMD to 100 conducted in District Cibatu and Kiara Pedes. The location is chosen because public facilities are still not good.

"The selection of location through a long process, including survey and analysis, Development activities undertaken is the making of 7.2 km long road connecting the two districts mentioned above," he told media crew, today (R-01)

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