Ramdhan Remind Members PPMI not Forget AD / ART

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DPM PPMI Chairman Muhammad Ramdhan Ulayo, invites all young people, especially members of PPMI to put ego sectoral and look forward to fight together.

"Show that PPMI exists in maintaining the unity of NKRI and how to raise nationalism. I hope that togetherness in running the mandate becomes the smoothness of this organization, "Ramdhan said on the sidelines of PPMI PPMI Inaugural Congress (Purna Prakarya Muda Indonesia) from 2017 to 2022 held at The Molvcca Hotel, Central Jakarta, today. (16/9)

"Today is the era of information technology, where Indonesia is entering the peak of demographic bonuses," he said.

Where this demographic bonus, said Ramdhan, we feel between 2022 and ending 2035. In that era the number of young people of productive age who will build the nation if managed its natural resources well, this is an opportunity to memanjukan nation in the International Crisis.

To that end, Ramdhan reminded all PPMI members not to forget AD / ART.

In accordance with the vision vision PPMI, Creating Human Resources (SDA) quality and competitive and able to adapt to internal and external demands. Developing the quality and capacity of self, increasing the creative potential of science, social and culture. actualize the role of youth in society.

As is known, the activity is carried out by the Dialog Kebhinekkaan Pemuda Indonesia. (R-001)

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