Prabowo: Want to Help Rohingya, RI Must Be Respected

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Charismatic figure of Indonesia Prabowo Subianto confirms if Indonesia wants optimum in helping ethnic Rohingya, must first be strong.

With Indonesia becoming stronger, Prabowo added, not only Rohingya will be assisted but also ethnic, including ethnic in Indonesia who experienced injustice.

Prabowo asserted to help Rohingya, the Indonesian nation must be strong and respected in the eyes of the world. The reluctance of other nations make Indonesia can do a lot to the Rohingyas.

"We gather here to affirm our solidarity with the oppressed Rohingyas," Prabowo firmly greeted by hundreds of thousands of participants of the Bela Rohingya Action this morning at the Horse Sculpture Area, Central Jakarta, Saturday (16/09/2017).

The Indonesian nation, added Prabowo, should be respected. "If the self is not right, how Indonesia would be heard by other countries,"

Therefore, Prabowo invites the Indonesian nation to be self-fixing first.

"We should not be busy clapping, we must also reinforce," Prabowo sneered.

Prabowo invites the Muslim Ummah in Indonesia to show the coolness and peace that protects the people altogether.

In addressing the Rohingya case Prabowo asserts as a Muslim we should be cooler, and show that Islam protects all adherents of religion in Indonesia.

"If they oppress the Muslims, we show that we are in charge of Islam guaranteeing freedom, which ensures prosperity, and there will be no hatred," Prabowo explained.

"The Rohingyas do not have to worry, believe me when Indonesia returns strong will show a peaceful and peaceful Islam throughout the world," he said.

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