PKS: Rohingyas Genocide Actors Must Be Punished

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President of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Mohamad Sohibul Iman confirmed that he will take concrete and measurable steps in fighting for the rights of displaced Rohingyas.

In his oration at Bela Rohingya Action, Saturday (16/09/2017), Sohibul Iman said he will continue to fight for Rohingya ethnic citizenship to get the Government of Myanmar's recognition.

"If there is a chance we will hold diplomacy and efforts for their citizenship, we will urge the international community to drag their perpetrators of genocide into the realm of law," said the politician from Tasikmalaya.

Sohibul Faith reminded not to solve the problems Rohingya but raises new problems in the country. PKS, he said, does not tolerate radical acts that threaten the unity of NKRI.

On the other hand, Sohibul Faith admitted that he did not stop crying when he heard his two spirit children telling his story.
"I do not stop crying when I hear the child Rohingya speech earlier," said Sohibul Iman.

The death toll in the Rohingya ethnic slaughter by the Myanmar military did leave a sorrow for Rohingya's children. Losing mothers and fathers at an early age becomes a severe blow to Rohingya's children. Added to the lack of shelter and clear citizenship status for them.

"It does not have to be a religious expert or worshiper as long as a person is a human, his heart will surely be touched by this orphan," said Sohibul.

Two Rohingyas, Rahim and Hasan children who were present in the Action of Bela Rohingya 169, expressed their desire to get humanitarian aid in the form of residence and citizenship status.

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