Opan: There are Persons who want FPII to be Destroyed!

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Press releases made by the Presidium and thrown into several groups WhatsApp is considered to have decomposed in the internal Independent Indonesia Press Forum, it is affirmed Mustofa Hadi Karya or commonly called Opan as Chairman of Setnas FPII, when met media crew in a café travel South Jakarta ( 8/9).

In the press conference invitation on September 4, 2017 and its implementation dated September 5, 2017 diplintir and serve as a personal vent confidential love as the Kord. Presidium related reporting to Police Headquarters Bareskrim to media council council Setwil FPII DKI and also the owner of Media House with alleged harassment his good name.

Alibi Kasihhati, he reports RW on behalf of the person and not the organization, but when he checks the Report he is acting on behalf of the Chairman of FPII.

"It is not right that the presidium steps with such a culpability. Vision - Mission and Purpose of FPII to give advocacy of defense to Insan per and media. Even the establishment of this FPII they do not know the purpose. Did he forget the new FPII container Unifying Independent Persons, "Opan growled.

Related news in several online media about the content of the press conference on September 5, 2017 yesterday, Opan suspect the news release was made and used by unscrupulous and third parties to drop the credibility of the high officials of the Independent Press Forum.

"It's a very clear character assassination that is not very commendable. FPII is a struggle of Pers Pers and the Media in Indonesia, and not for individual things that are loaded. If I want to, there are some people who have entered my pocket name and I am ready to polisikan, related to my libel, slander and penggembosan on the performance of daily executor FPII deliberately created and dibuly in the group that we created at the beginning with 10 of 27 people founder of FPII. "Threatens Opan.

Chairman of National Secretary FPII MAKING the existence of news coverage in several online media, such as; 'Presidium chairman on behalf of the Presidium Board asserted that, from the date of 5 September 2017 or since the title of this press conference, the whole range of the National Secretariat shall be declared temporarily disabled in all its activities until the meeting of the Board of Founders and Presidium. The Chairman of the Presidium also said that the steps already in place have been discussed and approved in the Presidium and Setnas meetings ... .. and this is also agreed by Mustafa hadi Katya (Opan) in a press release with the Presidium president.

'The above sentence that Kasihhati said is a public lie, that I personally do not have any statement as chairman of National Secretary of FPII while sitting together at the press conference on September 5, 2017 yesterday. "Opan said.

Chairman of Setnas Forum Pers Indonesia Independent Press at the press conference only said a few points, including:

Firstly, there is no internal conflict issue in the FPII body so far, because the internal conflict issue is only used by unscrupulous and third parties who want FPII to be destroyed.

second In agreement between the National Secretariat and the Presidium will not take any internal organizational policy until the Extraordinary Meetings (RLB) in October 2017.

the three Presidium and the National Secretariat do activities according to function until RLB, and related to the press conference dated September 5, 2017 and it was agreed that no news release before will be held together for internal meetings FPII board listed in the FPII deed several days later after the meeting.

the fourth revocation of SK West Java regency is returned back and remain in position at Non-Activate until RLB.

the fifth Setwil Disaster in East Java will continue until RLB.

the sixth Deputy Head of Wesly H Sihombing Advocacy Deputy continues to run until RLB.

The above understanding was witnessed by less than 30 people present, both from Depok, Bekasi, Jakarta.

He said, the publication of public lies made by the presidium, it is a fool and conscious or unconscious, that the Presidium with the people behind him has deliberately entered a new conflict area in the body of FPII.

"Therefore, the National Security Working Group (FPN) as the executor of the National Harian Technical Worker requested the Presidium to repeal immediately with those reports which are not in accordance with the agreement on September 5, 2017 or we will do MOSI of all Setwil In Indonesia for the dissolution of presidium which is considered to have been far in the implementation of the technical lands daily Setnas FPII. "Firmly Opan.

Opan also affirmed about the presidium's invitation regarding the meeting of FPII founders and managers not in accordance with what is stated in the Deed of Establishment and stewardship of FPII.

Add him to the invitation of a meeting presidium spread on behalf of Kasihhati this afternoon, Saturday, September 9, 2017 to attend the meeting on September 10, 2017 is not the invitation of FPII's founder and managers, because it is not in accordance with the protocol of FPII rules and Deed of establishment and management of FPII.

"It is clear that the invitation is abal - abal because there are disituh listed names outside of the founders and administrators, even people who with SAH as founders and administrators FPII not included in the invitation list. So I say the invitation is of a group and personal interest, not an invitation to the Independent Press Society organization. What's wrong with the Presidium? "Opan shut. (Release / R-007)

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